Dublin Notary Public Services – Certificates and Document Authentication

In Ireland, a Notary Public is an officer who is constituted by law to serve the public in non-contentious matters. Commonly the services of a notary public are required for authenticating documents for use in foreign jurisdictions. Whether you need certification or document authentication, a Notary Public will be able to provide the help that you need. Public notaries in Ireland are able to produce certificates with an official seal for a range of documentation which we have listed below.

Another common form of authentication that we offer includes attesting the signing of a Power of Attorney issued by a foreign solicitor.

This is a common practice when you are purchasing or selling a property abroad and it gives the solicitor the power to act on our behalf. When having a Power of Attorney authenticated you should check if the document needs to be Legalised or Apostilled, both of which are forms of official verification of the signatures.

What is a notary public in Ireland?

Notaries public in Ireland are appointed by the Chief Justice. Potential Irish notaries are generally solicitors with at least five years post-qualification experience. Irish notaries must provide a certificate from the Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland (the regulatory body of Irish notaries) confirming that they have proficiency in Irish notarial law and are competent to carry out the duties of an Irish notary public.

Applications for appointment as a notary public in Ireland are made by petition to the Chief Justice of the High Court in open court. The Irish notarial candidate must provide an affidavit verifying his/her suitability and a certificate of fitness signed by six members of the legal profession and six leaders of the local business community.

The potential Irish notary public should also show that his/her appointment would be for the general convenience and accommodation of people in his/her local area. Irish notaries are only allowed to practice in three counties in Ireland and these must be stipulated on their qualifications for notarial services.

If the application is successful each Irish notary is “constituted and appointed” during the pleasure of the Chief Justice and it is common for Irish notaries to state on their stamps that their appointment is for life which differentiates them from notaries in other jurisdictions such the USA where notaries are appointed for a fixed or expiring term.

Functions and powers of notaries in Ireland

  1. To draw up, attest, certify (using the notary’s official seal) deeds, wills, powers of attorney and all other legal documents relating to real and personal property;
  2. Authenticate public and private documents:
  3. Attest signatures and seals applied to documents by execution, certification, or attestation in order to satisfy evidential or statutory requirements of courts, governments (or their departments), institutions, and regulatory authorities outside the Republic of Ireland;
  4. Take affidavits and depositions for use in courts outside the Republic of Ireland;
  5. Take solemn declarations pursuant to the relevant legislation;
  6. Note and protest bills of exchange and promissory notes from outside the Republic of Ireland;
  7. Draw and take declarations by way of ships protests and extended protests;
  8. Create and authenticate documents relating to the adoption of foreign infants by Irish citizens;
  9. Issue certificates authenticating the acts, deeds, qualifications, and identities of persons.

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FAQ: Notary Public Services in Dublin

What types of documents require notarisation?

Documents that commonly require notarization include academic records, company documents by directors or secretaries, powers of attorney, and property transfer documents. Each type of document may need specific handling and verification.

What is the process for notarising a document?

The process generally includes verifying the identity of the signatory, witnessing the signing of the document, and sealing or stamping the document to certify its authenticity.

How long does notarization take?

The duration can vary depending on the document’s complexity and the required preparation. It’s advisable to consult directly for an estimated timeframe.

Can I use a notarized document in any country?

Notarised documents can be used internationally but may require further legalization or an apostille depending on the country in which the document will be used.

What are the fees for notarial services?

The fees for notarial services in Ireland can vary widely depending on the type of document, the complexity of the service, and the notary involved. Generally, a notary may charge a fee per document for services such as certifying true copies, witnessing signatures, and preparing and certifying powers of attorney.

Additional fees might apply for more complex services or if additional authentication like apostille or legalisation is required.

It’s best to contact a specific notary directly, such as those at Notary Law, for precise quotes and more detailed information regarding fees. You can find more details and contact information on our official Notary Law website.

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I recently engaged Brennans Solicitors for a notary service, and I was thoroughly impressed with their professionalism, efficiency, and value for money. From the initial consultation to the final document, they handled everything with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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Used Brennans to notarise some documents recently. Very efficient and quick. Certainly beat going all the way into town and I was able to park for free right outside the door. BTW its no.46 - not no.9 as this says.

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Very happy with Brennan Solicitors, Was able to meet me at the weekend to have an urgent document signed. Top marks to a quality firm.

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Cery good solicitor and not to highly priced

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Notary Services Dublin

At Notary Law in Dublin, notary services are tailored to meet the needs of both individuals and corporations requiring official verification of documents. The firm is equipped to handle a variety of documents, including legal agreements, corporate documents, and academic records.

Our Notary Services Dublin ensures that each document is authenticated properly to meet the legal requirements involved. Conveniently located in Glasnevin, they provide a trusted service for all notarial needs, emphasising efficiency and reliability. For further details contact us today!