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Paul Brennan BA, MBA of Brennan Solicitors is one of only a handful of notaries woking in North Dublin.   He is appointed as a notary for the counties of
  • Dublin,
  • Wicklow,
  • Kildare and
  • Meath
He is a member of the Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland , commissioned for life.

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What Notaries Do?

A Notary Public is empowered to:
  • Administer Oaths and Attest Signatures
  • Authenticate Documents
  • Give Notarial Acts and Certificates
  • Take and draw up Affidavits (other than for the courts in Ireland)
  • Take Affirmations and Declarations
All the acts of notaries public have worldwide recognition.  
For an additional fee we can arrange for your documents to be produced at the Consular Section   of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

What notary do: read more..

Contact Details

The office is located at:
  • 46 De Courcy Square
  • Glasnevin
  • Dublin 9
  • Ireland
Telephone notarylaw Dublintelephone 01-8309899
Email mailto:notarylawemail
Skypeskype Skype
Mobilemobile 086-0651408

Make an Appointment

The Notary will require at least two of the following three forms of identity :


  • Current Passport
  • Current Driving License
  • Original Utility Bill (less than 3 months old).

We will arrange an appointment and provide an estimate of cost along with an outline of what will be involved.


Getting There

The office is loacated at:

  • 46 De Courcy Square
  • Glasnevin
  • Dublin 9
  • Ireland

Served by bus routes: 4, 9, 40, 40b, 40d, 83 and 140

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